Phone system meets -- C/Books Accounting


Click-n-dial -- our new desktop automated phone dialing utility.The "skype" like program that identifies phones number - from reports displayed on the screen; then the numbers are automatically reformatted and displayed as a highlighted button for quick dialing. Once the new phone number button is clicked, the number is sent to our "virtual SIP phone", dialed; then immediately transferred to the end-users station. The result is simple and streamlined method for calling contacts, customers, vendors, and employees, while also improving employee production. Note: This feature requires a SIP phone systems.



CSS-Agent -- is our new desktop "call routing/lookup" utility. The program integrates your phone system with Conetic applications and data. In the same amount of time it takes for your phone to ring, the CSS-Agent can collect the "caller id" data, queries your databases, and launch a "dashboard style screen" that contains up-to-date information on the caller. Now armed with critical account data, your service reps will be equipped to offer better service with the knowledge of knowing:

  • what products the customers buy
  • how much they buy
  • how well they pay
  • current unpaid balance
  • who are their contacts
  • pending orders
  • notes and memos; open notes


CSS-Agent has been designed to allow the administrator to define the background "grace" query program. This allows companys to create custom queries to match their specific needs.

The CSS-Agent was created using SIP technology and standards to collect the "caller id" data. Once the data is collect a background "grace" query processes the data. Using "grace" means is it secure and customizable.

Note: Why SIP? SIP is the widest used phone standard in the market today. The majority of all digital phone systems are using some form of SIP, and VOIP.


CSS-Agent diagram: