New License Daemon -- new in Version 6 is a redesigned license daemon that supports both the local/in-house server, and cloud servers. This new license method is ideal for businesses that want a back-up server in-house or in the cloud. At the heart of our new License Daemon is the ability to specify a license server. The license server can be an in-house server or a cloud virtual server.

The only requirements is the license server MUST

  • Support one of our supported operating systems
  • Be accessible via tcp/ip - to and from the Conetic Database server


A typical design of an independent "license server" -- providing primary service to an in-house server, while also able to provide license service to backup Conetic server in the cloud -- would look like:


When all is well and good ... the server configuration looks like:

In the event the inhouse fails, the following show a cloud server: