2: Using the Demonstration Subscription System

2.11 Using Multiple Forms

Some applications have more than one form within a single menu selection for entering data. For example, in the Demonstration Subscription System, information about a subscriber, such as name and address, is entered into one form, and another form contains subscription information.

When working with applications that have multiple-forms, there are additional functions available. These functions are NEXTFORM and FIRSTFORM. Pressing the NEXTFORM key <F7> displays the next form. Selecting the FIRSTFORM function (by pressing the GOLD key <F1> and then the 1 key) causes the first form that was displayed (also known as the beginning form) to be redisplayed.

To begin this next series of exercises, select choice 2 - Enter Subscriptions from the Demonstration Subscription System menu.

After the licensing information flashes on the screen, the form for entering subscriber information is displayed.

Selecting the NEXTFORM function displays the second form (which is appended to the first form).

Return to the first form by executing the FIRSTFORM function (i.e., press the GOLD key <F1> followed by the 1 key).