2: Using the Demonstration Subscription System

2.12 Querying and Finding Records Using Multiple Forms

Exercise 11

Goal: Locate the first subscriber in the file and his subscriptions.

1. Press the QUERY key <F2> and then the FIND key <F3>.

2. Display the form for entering subscriptions by pressing the NEXTFORM key <F7>.

3. To display the first magazine subscription, press the FIND key <F3>.

4. To display the next magazine, press the FIND key <F3> again. If the subscriber has additional subscriptions, the next one is displayed immediately below the previous one.

Each additional magazine can be displayed using the FIND key <F3> until the No more message is displayed.

5. Return to the first form by executing the FIRSTFORM function (i.e., press the GOLD key <F1> followed by the 1 key), or, in this case, by pressing the NEXTFORM key <F7>.