2: Using the Demonstration Subscription System

2.13 Adding Records Using Multiple Forms

To add subscriber and subscription records, you must first add the subscriber record if it does not exist, and then add the corresponding subscription records.

Exercise 12

Goal: Add the following records:

The subscriber:

Field - Entry

Subscriber - moorM1324

Name - Mary Moore

Address - 1234 56th St, Apt B

City - Seattle

State - WA

Zip - 98201

The subscriptions:

Field - Entry

Magazine - byte

Started - 07/31/83

Left - 12

Magazine - life

Started - 07/31/83

Left - 12

Magazine - time

Started - 07/31/83

Left - 60

1. Press the ADD key <F6> to enter ADD mode and enter the subscriber information as specified.

2. Store the subscriber information by pressing the STORE key <F5>.

Doing so automatically displays the subscription entry form.

3. Enter the data for the first subscription as shown:

Notice that when you typed byte (the magazine’s code) into the field labeled Magazine and pressed the RETURN key, the magazine’s title was automatically displayed after it was looked up and verified.

4. Store the record with the STORE key <F5>.

A new subscription entry form is appended subsequent to the STORE key <F5> being pressed.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each subscription to be entered.

6. Return to the first form in order to make additional subscriber entries. This may be done by executing the FIRSTFORM function (i.e., press the GOLD key <F1> followed by the 1 key). Pressing the NEXTFORM key <F7> also, in this case, returns you to the screen where the subscriber information is entered.

Exercise 13

Goal: Add the following subscription record for subscriber moorM1324:

Field - Entry

Magazine - rd

Started - 08/01/83

Left - 12

1. Use the QUERY and FIND functions to locate the subscriber record for Mary Moore. Type moorM1324 in the field labeled Subscriber.

2. To display the subscription entry form, press the NEXTFORM key <F7>.

3. Enter ADD mode and type the following information pertaining to the new subscription:

4. Store the record by pressing the STORE key <F5>.

5. Return to the subscriber entry form by executing the FIRST-FORM function (i.e., press the GOLD key <F1> followed by the 1 key).