2: Using the Demonstration Subscription System

2.15 Deleting Records Using Multiple Forms

To delete a record, you must first use the QUERY and FIND functions to locate and display the record. Then you may delete it with the DELETE function (i.e., press the GOLD key <F1> followed by the D key). For screens with multiple forms, the DELETE function must be executed at each record level. If it is not, unpredictable results may occur.

Exercise 16

Goal: Delete the records for subscriber moorM1324.

1. Locate the record for subscriber moorM1324.

2. Delete the subscriber record by pressing the GOLD key <F1> and then the D key.

The subscription entry form is displayed after the subscriber record is deleted.

3. Display the first subscription record for this subscriber by pressing the FIND key <F3>.

4. Delete this record by pressing the GOLD key <F1> followed by the D key.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all of the subscription records for subscriber moorM1324 have been deleted. Once the last subscription record has been deleted, and the FIND key <F3> has been pressed, the No more message is displayed.

6. When all of the work is completed, exit from the form by pressing the EXIT key <F8>. This returns you to the application menu.