2: Using the Demonstration Subscription System

2.2 Accessing the Application Menu

To start the Demonstration Subscription System, boot-up your computer (if you have not already done so). You should see the system prompt. At this point, type:

start demo

and press RETURN. License information flashes on the screen, after which the Demonstration Subscription System menu.

The choices in this menu are displayed vertically. A choice cursor is a box that highlights a menu choice (by displaying it in reverse video) that is executed when you press the RETURN key. Selections are made by moving the choice cursor to the desired choice and pressing RETURN. You can move the choice cursor with the Space Bar, Up Arrow key or Down Arrow key, or by entering the number in front of the choice you want. After you have positioned the choice cursor at the desired location, press RETURN.

The line that reads X - exit represents the exit choice from the application menu. Moving the command cursor to this line and pressing RETURN takes you from the application menu and returns you to the system prompt.