2: Using the Demonstration Subscription System

2.8 Adding Records

The ADD mode allows entry of new information in the entry fields of a form. Upon pressing the STORE key <F5>, the information entered is stored as a new record in the data file.

Exercise 7

Goal: Add a magazine record with the following data:

Field - Entry

Magazine - cwpuz

Title - Crossword Puzzles

Yearly Rate - 17.00

Subscriber Count - (no entry)

1. Initiate the ADD function by pressing the ADD key <F6> and enter the data as outlined in the beginning of this exercise.

2. Store the record by pressing the STORE key <F5>.


Note that the form screen remains in ADD mode after the record is stored. The mode changes from ADD mode too another mode only after another function is selected.

Exercise 8

Goal: Duplicate information from the last stored record’s fields into a new record.

1. With the form still in ADD mode from the preceding exercise, fill in the fields by using the Line Feed key to move from field to field. Each time you press the Line Feed key, the contents of the corresponding field from the last stored record are duplicated in the current form.

2. Press the STORE key <F5>. The error message:

Record already exists

appears in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

3. Clear the fields by pressing the GOLD key <F1> and then the 4 key, or cancel the ADD function altogether by pressing the GOLD key <F1> and then the X key.


The ability to duplicate the contents of fields from the last stored or deleted record into the current form is extremely useful when entering repeated information.

If data is entered on the form when the screen is in ADD mode and the user decides not to store the record, all of the fields must be cleared before you can leave ADD mode (the CANCEL key sequence <F1> X clears all fields before leaving ADD mode).