2: Using the Demonstration Subscription System

2.9 Deleting Records

Deleting a data file record requires that the record first be located and then deleted (by pressing the GOLD key <F1> followed by the D key).

Exercise 9

Goal: Delete the record just added for Crossword Puzzles magazine.

1. Use the QUERY and FIND functions, to locate the record.

2. Delete the record by pressing the GOLD key <F1> and then the Dkey. Once this is done the record has been deleted from the data file.


Exercise 10

Goal: Change the key field of the Crossword Puzzles magazine from cwpuz to cwpuzz.

1. Press the ADD key <F6> and enter the new magazine code, cwpuzz.

2. Duplicate the other fields by using the Line Feed key.

3. Store the record by pressing the STORE key <F5>.


The method outlined in this and the preceding exercise is useful to change a record’s primary key field since, once a record has been stored, the key field may not be changed using the UPDATE function.


Delete the record for cwpuzz (as outlined in the preceding exercise) so that the next time this Tutorial is used the contents of the data files will reflect the illustrations.