3: Creating the Demonstration System Files

3.1 Introduction

The previous chapter provided instruction on using an application. The C/Base Tutorial Manual continues in this and subsequent chapters with step-by-step instruction on creating an application. By recreating the various elements of the Demonstration Subscription System, you will learn methods of developing and implementing an application.

Developing an application such as the Demonstration Subscription System requires you to do the following:

a. Create RMSfiles.

b. Develop data entry screens (i.e., forms) that allows the operator to add new information to the RMSfiles, as well as update or delete existing information.

c. Prepare reports that provide information from the RMSfiles.

d. Implement menus that allow the user to access the data entry screens and run the reports.

Developing an application also requires that a logical sequence be followed. The steps in this sequence should include the following:

a. Define System Requirements

b. System Creation

c. Implementation