3: Creating the Demonstration System Files

3.12 Loading the RMSfiles

In subsequent chapters of this manual, examples are given that expect the RMSfiles to contain data that is distributed as part of the Demonstration Subscription System. Therefore, you may wish to copy their contents to the RMSfiles which you’ve just created so that they are identical to the actual Demonstration Subscription System RMSfiles.

To do so, simply select choice M2 - Copy Definition and Data from the Data Files Menu and press RETURN.

Toolkit displays a parameter form asking you for the logical name of the RMSfile you wish to copy and the file you wish to create. Enter demo~mag as the file to copy. (Note: The tilde, or squiggle, character is used to signify that the RMSfile specified belongs to another data base, whose name appears preceding the tilde.) Enter mag as the file to create.

Press the STORE <F5> key.

Since the file you entered as the file to be created already exists toolkit requests that you confirm the copy with a parameter form.

Press the STORE <F5> key.

Toolkit informs you of the progress of the copy with messages as follows:


Once this is done, the Data Files Menu is redisplayed. Repeat the steps outlined in the preceding paragraph for the remaining RMSfiles (i.e., script and sub) making the appropriate substitutions of data file names.