3: Creating the Demonstration System Files

3.8 Creating the Subscription File

The two files mag and sub have now been created and contains the magazine and subscriber data, respectively. We must now create a file which contains the subscription data.

We name the file script and create it using the same procedures used to create the previous two files. (Please re-read the previous section if you still have questions about how to enter and store the required information.)

1. Select choice D1 - Create Data File Definition from the Data Files Menu, enter the name of the RMSfile, script in the Create Data File Definition parameter form.

2. After storing the final field’s description, enter the primary and secondary keys.

3. When you are satisfied that all of the information has been entered and stored correctly, write the file by pressing the EXIT key <F8>.

The system responds with the messages:


4. From the Data Files Menu, select choice L1 - List Logical Data Files . It should list the three files we have now created:

5. Return to the menu and select choice L2 - List Data File Dictionary . On the List Data File Dictionary parameter screen, specify the RMSfile script and press STORE <F5>.

Press RETURN to redisplay the Data Files Menu.

This completes the creation of RMSfile script.