4: Creating the Demonstration System Forms

4.2 Form Description Screen

You enter the attributes of a form on the Form Description screen.

Within this screen, all but three of the fields are boolean, or yes/no, fields. Boolean fields will accept the following input and convert upper-case input to lower-case:

The fields of the Form Description screen are described in the following paragraphs, and reference should be made to the preceding table should questions arise regarding input within any of the boolean fields.

Form Name

Data File

Beginning Form

Unique Records

Repeating Form

Append Form

Freeze Form

Additional Form For One Record

Required Form

Next Form Name

After you store the information entered on the Form Description screen, toolkit displays a blank development screen. You can move the cursor about freely on this screen using the ARROW keys, SPACE BAR, RETURN, BACK SPACE, or TAB keys. Background text can be typed as needed, and fields may be added simply by positioning the cursor in the location that you want the field to begin and pressing the ADD key <F6>, thereby causing the Field Description screen to be displayed. Complete and store this screen for each field to be added to the form. After you store the Field Description screen, toolkit redisplays the development screen, including the newly added field. The fields are displayed in various modes, depending upon the nature of the field being displayed, as well as the type of screen being used to display them.