4: Creating the Demonstration System Forms

4.3 Field Description Screen

A blank Field Description screen is shown.

As noted on the screen itself, this is actually the first of two Field Description screens. However, since none of the second screen’s features are needed in this Tutorial , we will not provide an outline of its contents in this chapter. At this point we’ll note only that pressing the PREVIOUS key <F2> and NEXT key <F3> allows you to switch between these two screens. A thorough explanation of the second screen is given in the C/Base Reference Manual Chapter 6, Advanced Form Features. Throughout the remainder of this chapter, the term Field Description screen shall be understood to refer to the first of these two screens, that is, the screen depicted in the preceding display.

Of the various fields which make up this screen, nearly half are boolean, and reference may be made to the table contained in the preceding section if questions arise regarding input within any of these fields.

The Field Description screen is used to determine the following:

Field Name

Field Length

Entry Allowed

Input Required

In Data File


Validation File

Lookup Field

Validation Form

Initial Value

Default Value

Format field

Copy from previous field