4: Creating the Demonstration System Forms

4.4 Creating the Magazine Form

This form accesses and maintains the records in the mag RMSfile. The form layout is identical to that used in the Demonstration Subscription System. The formfile you will be creating will also be given the name mag. To create the form, proceed as follows:

1. From the Toolkit Development Menu, select choice 2 - Data Entry Forms Menu and press RETURN.

2. From the Data Entry Forms Menu, select the choice for creating a new form, D1- Create a Data Entry Form.

A parameter form requests the name of the new formfile and its description. The same form allows entry of text describing the form. The default description is Form created with Toolkit. Enter mag for the form name.

Now, STORE the parameter values.

The system now displays the Form Description screen. Press ADD <F6>.

3. Enter the following information into the fields of the Form Description screen:

When these entries have been made correctly, store them by pressing the.STORE key <F5>.

Note that the system will display a blank screen, which we will refer to throughout this chapter as a development screen, after storing the record. This is normal for a new form. Also note that the cursor is located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

4. The layout of the mag form is done on this development screen. The actual form creation process allows you to enter text and form fields practically anywhere on the screen. Since this tutorial reproduces the Demonstration Subscription System, the form for entering information into the magazine file should be reproduced exactly as it appears there.

To reproduce the screen, continue with the following directions:

5. With the cursor in the upper left-hand corner, type the form heading:

There is no need to press the STORE key <F5> to store background text entered on the development screen. The system automatically retains any text which is entered.

6. To enter the field which will hold the magazine code:

Now create the next form field, title.

7. To create the field magazine title field:

The development screen is once again redisplayed, with a reverse video block associated with the title field.

8. To create the yearly subscription rate field:

9. To create the subscriber count field:

The development screen is once again redisplayed.

10. All entries to the formfile mag are now complete. Review the form and, if it does not match the screen as it is reproduced here, reposition the cursor on each incorrect field and correct the information using the UPDATE function. (Note: For more information on making changes, see the section entitled Modifying a Form in this chapter, or use the HELP function, that is, press the GOLD key <F1> followed by the H key. When you are satisfied that all the entries have been made correctly, write the formfile by pressing the EXIT key <F8>. Upon exiting, toolkit displays the message:

Once the RETURN key has been pressed, toolkit redisplays the Data Entry Forms Menu.

11. It is time to find out how the formfile works. Test the formfile mag by selecting choice D3 - Test a Data Entry Form and pressing RETURN. Toolkit displays a parameter form requesting the name of the formfile to test.

Type the formfile name, mag, as indicated and press RETURN. The system responds by displaying the data entry form that you just created. The fact that the form appears is enough of a test for now. (Note: For more information on testing a form, see the section in this chapter entitled Testing Forms.) Exit the form by pressing the EXIT key <F8>. The Data Entry Forms Menu will then be redisplayed.