4: Creating the Demonstration System Forms

4.6 Testing Forms

You may access and test the mag and subscrpt formfiles from the Data Entry Forms Menu by selecting choice D3 - Test a Data Entry Form. After you do, a parameter form prompts for the name of the formfile. Type mag, and STORE the parameter form. Enter some magazines during the test and store them in the data file. When you are done, press the EXIT key <F8> to exit from the form.

After exiting from the form, select choice D3 - Test a Data Entry Form from the Data Entry Forms Menu once again. When prompted for the name of the formfile, enter subscrpt and STORE the parameter form. Create some subscriber and subscription records. Enter the data in the manner described in Chapter 2 of this manual. Check a few obvious functions, such as whether records are being correctly stored and correctly retrieved. Check whether the lookup of magazine names is functioning correctly, and whether the correct subscriptions are retrieved for each subscriber. After you have made a few tests, EXIT <F8> from the form.

You started with empty RMSfiles, and now you have entered some information into those files. If you later wish to remove the entire contents of a RMSfile (e.g., data which has been entered for testing purposes only ), you may do so by selecting choice M4 - Erase the Contents of a data file from the Data Files Menu. This will remove all of the records contained in the data file which you specify by responding to a prompt.