4: Creating the Demonstration System Forms

4.7 Modifying a Form

Once created, the formfiles developed for entering magazines, subscribers, and subscriptions may be modified. Some of the most common reasons why formfiles are modified are to correct errors in one or more of the forms, to add or delete fields within a form, and to make changes required by modification of the associated data file(s). A form layout can be modified by changing locations and descriptions of fields. Aformfile may also be modified by adding or deleting another form.

In order to demonstrate how to modify formfiles, we will change the mag form in the mag formfile by repositioning the field used for displaying the number of subscribers. We will also demonstrate how to change a form field from a display to an entry field. We will add a new field to the subscribers form, align background text headings and fields, and add (and test) a validation form to the subscrpt formfile.