4: Creating the Demonstration System Forms

4.7.2 Updating a Field

1. With the cursor positioned in the subscribers field, enter UPDATE mode by pressing the UPDATE key <F4>.

The Field Description screen for the subscribers field is displayed.

2. Change the field to an entry field by setting the Entry Allowed field to yes.

3. Press the UPDATE key <F4> a second time. Note that the Entry Allowed field returns to its original value of no.

Had the contents of the Field Description screen been stored prior to pressing the UPDATE key <F4> the second time, the value of this field would have been changed. Pressing the UPDATE key <F4> while in UPDATE mode, however, restores all of the fields to their original values.

4. Press the STORE key <F5> followed by the EXIT key <F8>. This will return you to the Data Entry Forms Menu.