4: Creating the Demonstration System Forms

4.7.3 Aligning Headings and Fields

In the subscribers example form, you typed the headings for the fields of the subscriptions form at the bottom of the subscribers form. Directions were given to position the cursor so that the headings would be positioned correctly over the corresponding fields on the subscriptions form. When creating your own forms, however, there is an easy method for aligning headings with the fields on an appended form. This method is explained in this section, using the subscribers and subscriptions forms as examples.

Before this method is demonstrated, we must first modify the formfile so that it appears as though no headings have yet been entered. To do so, select choice D2 - Modify a Data Entry Form from the Data Entry Forms Menu, specify formfile subscrpt on the parameter form, and press STORE <F5>. The Form Description screen for the subscribers form is displayed, at which point you should press the SWITCH key <F7>.

Remove the headings pertaining to the fields of the appended form (subscriptions) from the subscribers form by using the Delete Line key (if your keyboard is so equipped) or by ‘spacing over’, and thus erasing, the text. The headings for the subscriptions form may then be created by performing the following steps:

1. Press the NEXT key <F3> so that the subscriptions development screen is displayed and position the cursor in the column of a field where its heading is to begin. For instance, if, as in our example, the first field of the form starts in column 2, and the heading for that field is to be displayed starting in the same column (only directly above the field, of course), then move the cursor to that column.

2. Press the PREVIOUS <F2> key, and the subscribers development screen is once again displayed.

3. Note that the cursor has not moved making the alignment process a simple matter of moving the cursor down the screen (using the Down Arrow key) to the desired line on the subscribers development screen and typing the text for the corresponding field’s heading.

4. Press the NEXT key <F3> to redisplay the subscriptions development screen.

5. Repeat the preceding steps in order to enter the headings for the remaining fields of the subscriptions form.

6. When all of the headings have been entered, press the EXIT key <F8> to write the modified formfile. This returns you to the Data Entry Forms Menu.