4: Creating the Demonstration System Forms

4.7.4 Adding a Field

Next, you will add a field to hold the subscriber’s telephone number to the subscribers form. The field may be added to this form by following the steps outlined in this section. Be sure to note, however, that if the telephone field was not added to the sub data file (as outlined in the section entitled Modifying a Data File by Adding a Field in the preceding chapter), attempts to add the field to this form as shown will result in an error message unless the In Data File field of the telephone field’s Field Description screen is set to no.

1. From the Data Entry Forms Menu, select choice D2 - Modify a Data Entry Form, specify the formfile subscrpt on the parameter form, and press STORE <F5>.

2. Press the SWITCH key <F7> and the subscribers development screen is displayed.

3. Adding the telephone field to the form requires not only that the field itself be added, but that background text be entered for the field’s heading. This may be done as follows:

The subscribers development screen is then redisplayed with the newly added field.