4: Creating the Demonstration System Forms Creating a Validation Form

1. Display the Form Description screen by pressing the SWITCH key <F7>. The screen pertaining to the subscribers form is currently displayed. Press the NEXT key <F3> to display the Form Description screen for the subscriptions form. Press the ADD key <F6> in order to add a new form. Fill in all the fields on the screen , and then store the Form Description.

Notice that the entry in the Next Form Name field is the same as the entry in the Form Name field. This is usually the case when describing a validation form, since the original form is not returned to via the NEXTFORM function (i.e., by pressing the NEXTFORM key <F7>), but by executing the RETURN FROM VALIDATE function (i.e., by pressing the GOLD key <F1> followed by the E key).

2. A new development screen is then displayed.

To create this form, do the following:

Once the development screen for the validation form has been completed, the next step is to update the Field Description screen of the magazine field on the subscriptions form.