4: Creating the Demonstration System Forms Linking a Validation Form to a Field

Access the subscriptions form by doing the following.

1. Press the SWITCH key <F7> to redisplay the magazine form’s Form Description screen.

2. Press the PREVIOUS key <F2> to display the Form Description screen for the subscriptions form.

3. Press the SWITCH key <F7> to display its development screen.

4. With the cursor positioned on the magazine field, press the UPDATE key <F4> to display the Field Description screen for that field. (Note: Remember that the name of each field is displayed at the bottom of the screen as the cursor is positioned on it.)

5. Enter magazine in the Validation Form field.

6. Press the STORE key <F5> to store the contents of the screen.

Now that the modifications to the formfile subscrpt are complete, you may write the changes to the formfile and return to the Data Entry Forms Menu by pressing the EXIT key <F8>. The message