cbasedir - return name of C/Base administrative directory


char *cbasedir (sptr)

char *sptr;


This function returns the name of the C/Base administrative directory. This directory contains the C/Base database catalog, the help files for the commands, the terminal definition files created by termset, and other files. The string pointed to by sptr is appended to the C/Base directory name. The sptr parameter may be NULL or be an empty string, in which case the C/Base administrative directory name is returned.

If the environment variable CBASE is defined, then this names the C/Base administrative directory, and cbasedir returns this directory with sptr appended. If CBASE is not defined (the normal case) then the value /cbase/lib/cbase is returned with sptr appended. (This value may differ on some machines.) On MS-DOS computers, this value is \cbase\lib\cbase.

Normally, CBASE should not be defined. It should be defined only when installing a new version of the C/Base software that must co-exist with already existing C/Base software, and you wish to have both versions installed on the machine simultaneously. For the new version of the software, choose an alternate administrative directory, and set CBASE to that directory name.


To return the name of the termset terminal definition directory:

cbasedir ("escape");

To return the name of the termset vt100 terminal definition:

cbasedir ("escape/vt100");