dalign - align address to data boundary


#include <cbase/dtypes.h>

char *dalign (addr, type, esize)

char *addr;

int type;

int esize;


Dalign aligns an address to the correct boundary for the data type specified. The address addr is rounded upward to an address sufficient to hold any element of type type and of size esize. The type parameter is one of the data types (such as MONEY_TYPE) defined in the include file <cbase/dtypes.h>. The esize parameter is the size of one element of the specified data type, and should be set with the intrinsic sizeof() function. Dalign calls align(C-3) to perform the address alignment.

This function is called only by RMS to calculate the addresses of each element in a field list.


This function is machine-dependent and should be avoided if at all possible.