dfindp - find previous active record


#include <cbase/dirio.h>

rno_t dfindp (buffer, fcb)

char *buffer;

DFILE *fcb;


Dfindp finds the previous active record in an RMSfile and returns it in buffer. The order of the keys returned by successive calls to dfindp is undefined. Each record returned is one that has been added to the RMSfile but not deleted.

Fcb is the file block pointer returned by dlopen(C-3) or dopen(C-3). Buffer is assumed to be large enough to hold the record.

The returned record number may be saved and used on a subsequent call to dread(C-3). An RMSfile can be read sequentially in reverse order by calling dfindl(C-3) followed by successive calls to dfindp. Calls to dfindn(C-3) are allowed before or after a call to dfindp(C-3).


dlopen(C-3), dopen(C-3), dfindl(C-3), dfindn(C-3), dread(C-3)

Chapter 4,

RMS Programming Guide


Dfindp returns a value of BAD (-1) if the last active record in the RMSfile has already been read or if an I/O error occurred.