dtfindi - find field names in secondary index


#include <cbase/dirio.h>

struct nd *dtfindi (fp, indexno)

DICT *fp;

int indexno;


An RMSfile may contain secondary indexes that are used to look up records by fields other than the primary key values. There may be several secondary indexes for one RMSfile. These secondary indexes are numbered from 1 to the number of secondary indexes in the RMSfile. Up to eight data fields can be used in one secondary index.

Dtfindi returns a pointer to a structure that contains the field names in the secondary index specified by the indexno parameter. The value returned is a pointer to a structure that is defined in the include file <cbase/dirio.h>.

Fp is the value returned from dtdict(C-3) or dtopen(C-3).

As a special case, if dtfind is called with a indexno value of zero, dtfindi returns the data field names for the primary key.


dtdict(C-3), dtopen(C-3), dtfind(C-3), dtfindk(C-3)

Chapter 4,

RMS Programming Guide


A value of NULL is returned if the indexno parameter is less than zero or greater than the number of secondary indexes contained in the RMSfile or if fp is not an opened RMS dictionary file.


The returned value points to static data whose contents are overwritten with every call.