form - display and collect data from data entry form


form (argc, argv)

int argc;

char **argv;


The function form is the object code version of the data entry program of the same name. Form is provided as an object code module so that the application developer can add additional code to perform field and record editing beyond what is provided by the standard data entry program.

The function form is called from a user-supplied program. The function is passed the two parameters argc and argv that are passed to the main program by the system. The function form then controls all data entry.

The function form contains references to an undefined function user_edit. This function is called repeatedly during the data entry process to allow additional editing of the data being entered. It is the responsibility of the application developer to provide this routine to per-

form the additional editing desired.

Chapter 3, Form Programming Guide explains how to write user_edit functions.


Chapter 3,

Form Programming Guide


Form never returns to your main program; form calls exit(2) directly.