6.2.1 Requirements

The procedure outlined below requires that the application is compatible with toolkit(C-1). Applications compatible with toolkit meet the following requirements:

1) The structure of the application resides under one directory, the home directory of the application's database.

2) The database home directory contains the following subdirectories:

cbautil20000000.gif data

cbautil20000000.gif def

cbautil20000000.gif rpt

cbautil20000000.gif rptdef

(optional, used in versions before C/Base 3.6)

cbautil20000000.gif scr

3) All RMSfiles, formfiles and reportfiles are defined in the C/Base catalog.

4) The logical pathnames for RMSfiles, formfiles and reportfiles are relative to the home directory of the database.

When porting an applications that does not meet the requirements above, the following porting procedure should be used as a general guide for porting the application.