7.4.1 Default Form Helpfile Layout

When using the default helpfile, form calls showtext with the categories and subjects in the order listed in Table 7-1. For each entry, the corresponding help text is displayed if the help section is found and the criterion for that help section are met. This sequence is interrupted if the operator types "q".

Table 7-1: Category and Subjects called with default helpfile

Category Subject Comments

error error string Skipped if form is not displaying an error. A search is made for a help section defined for the error message. If found, the section's help text is displayed, otherwise the help section for the next category and subject is searched.

form mode Display help relative to the current mode of form. The section name consists of both the word form and the current form mode. The valid modes are nomode, query, find, update and add.

form field_name Skipped if the cursor is not in a field. There are no help sections of this kind in the default form helpfile distributed with C/Base.

form The help section for the category name form is displayed.

The default form helpfile distributed with C/Base has the following help sections:

1 form nomode

1 form query

1 form find

1 form update

1 form add

1 form