7.6 Help Files for View

When writing C programs with view, the function vfcollect(C-3) displays help sections from a helpfile whenever the HELP key or the key sequence <F1> h is pressed. Vfcollect collects and processes data that is entered into a data entry parameter form.

Vfcollect is called as:

key = vfcollect (vform, helpfile)

Vform is a pointer to a structure that describes a parameter form. Helpfile names the text file that contains the help sections for a parameter form. If helpfile is set to NULL, the param helpfile located in the help subdirectory of the C/Base administration directory is accessed for help sections.

Menu calls vfcollect whenever a parameter form is displayed on the screen. If a customized menu helpfile has been defined, helpfile is set to the pathname of this customized helpfile, otherwise, helpfile is set to NULL and the default param helpfile is accessed.

When the operator presses <F1> h, vfcollect calls showtext to display the appropriate help text. The categories and subjects passed to showtext from within vfcollect are the same as those defined when displaying help text from a parameter form within menu. For a list of categories and subjects called by the vfcollect function, see Table 7-5 and 7-6. For more information view and vfcollect(C-3), see C/Base International Utilities Manual Chapter 3, View Programming Guide and C/Base International Utilities Manual Chapter 5, C/Base Functions.