Appendix A Compiling with C/Base Utilities

These instructions describe how to compile C/Base software on an Intel compatible computer system running MS-DOS. You should be familiar with the basic administration of the computer, including setting environment variables, creating directories, and editing ASCII files.

In the dialogs that follow, you enter the boldface characters and the computer displays the normal characters. Additional information to help you understand the dialog is in italics; it is not displayed nor do you type this information.

Sample makefile

Provided with C/Base Utilities is a makefile to aid with the compile of the Demo Application user-edit data entry form (sform.c). The makefile can be viewed by the following:

(Non Windows Version)

(C:\CBASE>)type c:\cbase\demo\src\makefile return>


# cbase/demo/src/makefile 21.1 Delta date: 3/23/94


# @(#)makefile 21.1


LOCALCFLAGS=-c -AL -Ic:\cbase\include





cl $(LOCALCFLAGS) sform.c

sform: sform.obj

cl $(LFLAGS) /Fe..\bin\sform sform.obj /link /NOE d:\cbase\lib\libcbase.lib

-touch sform

(Windows Version)

(C:\CBASE>)type c:\cbase\demo\winsrc\makefile <return>


# cbase/demo/src/makefile 21.1 Delta date: 3/23/94


# @(#)makefile 21.1

LOCALCFLAGS=/AL /c /Ic:\cbase\include


CC = cl

ALL : wsform.EXE

wsform.OBJ : wsform.C

$(CC) $(CFLAGS) wsform.C

wsform.EXE : wfmain.OBJ wsform.obj wsform.DEF

link /NOD /NOE /NOI wfmain.obj wsform.obj, wsform.exe,,@lresp,$*.def

rc.exe -K wsform.res

copy wsform.exe ..\bin