2.2.1 General Ledger Features

The General Ledger master file is accessed by selecting Select, General Ledger, Chart of Accounts. This file contains the descriptive information for each general ledger account (code, descriptive name, debit or credit, balance sheet or income statement, and current balance).

The balances and debit amount for each period for each general ledger account are kept in the general ledger balances history file (glbal). These amounts are accumulated and entered into this file when the Trial Close and Final Close processes are run. This file is accessed by selecting Closing, GL Account Balances Query .

The General Journal file can be used to post transactions directly to any account in any ledger in the Accounting System. It is used in the set up process to enter the beginning balances for the general ledger accounts. During the closing process the entries to close out the expense and revenue accounts to retained earnings are entered in this file. It is accessed by selecting Data Entry, General Ledger, General Journal Entries.

The C/BOOKS Accounting System allows you to design the format for your balance sheet and income statement. The formatting commands are entered into the format command file, which is accessed through Select, General Ledger, Balance Sheet Format.

Reports are provided that display the information from each file.