6.4.1 Adding a General Journal Entry


The cursor is in the first position of the first field, Entry Id.

Enter data into each of the fields. Remember the date you enter into the Entry Date field determines the year and period of this entry for month end financial reporting.

When you are satisfied with what you have entered, select the STORE button or press <F5> to store the upper part of the screen. The lower part of the screen is displayed and is ready for the entry of detail lines. The screen is in the ADD mode.


Enter the data for the first detail line. After the data is entered, select the STORE button or press <F5>. The next detail line then appears for entry.


Remember, the debit dollar amounts and the credit dollar amounts must be equal before leaving the screen.

When you have finished entering the detail of your transaction, you can select NEXT <F7> to begin work on another General Journal Transaction or you can select EXIT <F8> to exit. If your entry does not balance, the system tells you the amount needed (debit or credit) to balance the transaction.

Should the system report an unbalanced transaction, don't panic. First check your source document with an adding machine. Then, use the QUERY <F2> and FIND <F3> options to scroll through the entries and check your typing (be sure to check both the debit flag and the dollar amount). When you find the error, update the entry as described in section 6.3.3.