6.4.4 Deleting a General Journal Entry

Deleting an entire general journal entry requires that the general journal entry be displayed on the screen. Once the general journal entry is displayed, select the DELETE button or press the GOLD <F1> and then the D key to delete the header part of the general journal entry. Once the header record is deleted, a blank detail form is automatically displayed.

Find each detail record and delete it by selecting the FIND FIRST button <F3> and then the DELETE button (GOLD <F1> followed by the D key).

You may not want to delete the entire general journal entry. Instead you may want to just delete some of the detail. To do this, first display the header of the general journal entry. Go to the detail part of the screen by selecting the NEXT button <F7>. Display the detail entry you wish to delete and select the DELETE button (GOLD <F1> and then the D key). If you remove only part of the detail, you may have to update or add other entries to make the transaction balance.