11.2 Report Descriptions

Chart of Accounts

This report is a listing of the General Ledger Chart of Account numbers. The descriptive title, debit flag, balance sheet flag, and department code is listed for each account.

General Journal Entries

The dates entered on the following parameter screen select the general journal entries to be listed on the report.


The report includes: the date of each entry; the type of entry (correcting, adjusting, or closing); the entry comment; the ledger and the account the entry is posted to; the number of units; and the debit or credit amount.

Balance Sheet Format

This report lists the commands that were entered to format the Income and Balance Sheet report. The information shown on the report includes the beginning and ending account numbers for each subtotal, and the subtotal headings and footings. The level number of each subtotal is indicated along with a yes or no that answers the question "is the subtotal a debit?" and "are the details of the subtotal amount to be shown". If alternate formatting strings were entered, these are also shown.