14.2 Trial Close Accounting Period

When a Trial Close is started, the following a parameter screen is displayed.


Values must be entered into these fields. In the following example a Trial Close is run for the third period of 1983.


Data is entered on this screen the same way it is entered on a data entry screen. Use the TAB, RETURN, and arrow keys to move the cursor between fields. If you change your mind and decide not to run a trial close at this time, you may halt the process and return to the main menu by selecting CANCEL and then the OK. When you are satisfied with what you have entered, select the STORE button <F5>. As the system processes each of the journals, messages like the following are displayed.

Recosting Inventory

Processing Payroll

Processing Cash Receipts

Processing General Journal

Processing Accounts Payable Journal

Processing Accounts Receivable Sales Journal

Processing Fixed Assets Depreciation Journal

Processing Inventory Adjustments Journal

Processing Work in Process Journal

Posting to General Ledger

Updating Inventory History

Systems that do not have all C/Books accounting modules installed may not display one or more of the "Processing ..." messages shown in the example.