14.4 Reopen Closed Period

Deleting records prevents the Trial Close process from re-creating the correct general ledger balances when the period is closed again. The system tracks the last deletion date, so if any deletions have been made, the process terminates.

Periods must be reopened in consecutive order. If period 3 is to be reopened and the last period closed was period 5, periods 5 and 4 must be reopened first (and in the order listed). This restriction insures that the Final Close process can be run on the period.

When starting the Reopen Closed Period process from the Closing menu, the following parameter screen is displayed.


The values entered should be the accounting year, and the accounting period within that year. In the following example, entries are made to reopen the third period of 1983.


When you are satisfied with what you have entered select STORE <F5>. When the period has been reopened the screen displays the following.

Period 3 in 1983 is now reopened

After the desired changes and corrections have been made to the reopened period, the Trial Close and Final Close processes must be redone for each of the reopened periods.