16.3 Company Masthead


Company Name

If you access your accounting system using the Windows Icon the Company name in appears as a heading on your menus and reports. The menu command sets the environment variable COMPANY to whatever is entered in this field. If you do not use the cbooks command, you must set the COMPANY environment variable.

Company Masthead

The company masthead is simply your company's name and address. If using stock forms when printing statements, remittance advices etc., this masthead is printed as your return address. Enter your name and address as you would type it on letterhead. There are seven lines available for your name and address. You can add your phone number if desired.

IRS id#

Enter your Internal Revenue tax Id number. This number is printed on the W2 report.

Preprinted Forms?

This field is used to control the printing of your masthead on custom forms (checks, invoices, etc.). If you are using forms that already have your company masthead printed on them, you should enter yes in this field. If you are using stock custom forms that lack your company masthead, you should enter no.