16.6 Accounting System Journals

Module Journal File Name Header Detail

AP cd Cash Disbursements checkm checkd

AP pj Accounts Payable voucherm voucherd

AR cr Cash Receipts paymentm paymentd

AR sj Accounts Receivable Sales invoicem invoiced

FA dj Fixed Asset Depreciation deprecm deprecd

GL gj General Journal genjrnlm genjrnld

IN ia Inventory Adjustment intrxm intrxd

JC wp Work in Process jcjrnlm jcjrnld

PO rs Receiving Slips recvh recvd

PR pr Payroll payrollm payrolld

All of the above journals can be accessed from the Accounting System Journals screen under Select, System (Setup).


Use this data entry screen to remove the entries for the C/Books accounting systems that you will not be using. This file is used by the closing routines to determine which accounting systems should be closed to the General Ledger.