16.7 Accounting System Files

Module System Name File Name Master

AR ip Inventory Prices price

AR rd Cash Receipt Deposits depositm

AP cl Cash Disbursements List cdm

AP tm Payment Terms terms

FA ac ACRS Tables acrsh

FA lm Depreciation Limits limith

GL gb General Ledger Ending Balances glbal

GL gc General Ledger Closing Dates closedat

GL gd General Ledger Transactions gldetail

GL gf Balance Sheet Format Commands glformat

GL gt General Ledger Transactions gltrxm

GL dp Department Names dept

GL lg Ledger File ledger

GL ls Profit/Loss Statement styles plstyle

GL ag Aging Periods aging

GL sm System Masthead masthead

GL sp System Security permit

IN ib Inventory Product Balances inbal

JC id Inventory Job Cost Details indetail

JC jd Job Cost jcdetail

OE oe Order Entry Orders orderh

OE pl Order Entry Packing List packh

OE sa Order Entry Shipping Addresses address

PO ca Company Shipping Addresses locality

PO is Inventory Sales sales

PO od Purchase Orders podetail

PO pi Purchase Order List polist

PO po Purchase Orders poh

PO sd Receiving Slips rvdetail

PO uo Unfilled Orders orders

PO vd Vendor Addresses veaddrs

PO vp Vendor Prices cost

PR dm Payroll Deductions deductm

PR ed Payroll Employee Deductions emdeduct

PR ld Payroll Labor Distribution labor

PR pd Payroll Disbursements List prcdm

PR pf Payroll Pay Frequencies freqency

PR ps Payroll Standard Deduction Names taxnames

PR pt Payroll Pay Types paytype

These files can be accessed through the Accounting System Files screen under Select, System (Setup).


Use this screen to remove the entries for the files you will not be using.