17.1 Enter Chart of Accounts

coreman20000000.gif Enter chart of accounts

coreman20000000.gif Print Current Balances report

coreman20000000.gif Enter master records for other modules

coreman20000000.gif Set up beginning balances.

The first stage in setting up the C/Books accounting system involves entering the general ledger chart of accounts. The easiest way to do this is to get copies of the balance sheet and income statement from your previous system and refer to them while you are assigning your general ledger account codes.

Your accounts must be numbered in the order you wish them to appear on your balance sheet and income statement, starting with the balance sheet accounts. For example, the asset accounts should be the lowest numbered accounts, followed in turn by liability, equity, revenue, costs, and expense accounts. When assigning numbers to your chart of accounts, you should leave gaps in the numbers to allow for future expansion.

Enter your general ledger chart of accounts by choosing Select, General Ledger, Chart of Accounts.


Refer to Chapter 4, Enter General Ledger Accounts, for more information on entering general ledger accounts.