19.4 Accounting Files

Table 19 - 14

General Ledger Files

Code Type Description Header Detail

gb system General Ledger Ending Balances glbal

gc system General Ledger Closing Dates closedat

gd system General Ledger Transactions gldetail

gf system Balance Sheet Format Commands glformat

gj journal General Journal genjrnlm genjrnld

gl ledger General Ledger glacct

gt system General Ledger Transactions gltrxm gltrxd

lg system System Ledger File ledger

sm system System Masthead masthead

sp system System Security permit

Some of the processes such as the trial close process access all of the journals that have been set up for the system. The following table lists all the possible journals. The journals set up for your system depend on the accounting modules present in your system.

Table 19 - 15

Journal Files

Module Code Description Header Detail

AP cd Cash Disbursements checkm checkd

AR cr Cash Receipts paymentm paymentd

FA dj Fixed Asset Depreciation Journal deprecm deprecd

GL gj General Journal genjrnlm genjrnld

IN ia Inventory Adjustment Journal intrxm intrxd

AP pj Accounts Payable Journal voucherm voucherd

PR pr Payroll payrollm payrolld

PO rs Receiving Slips recvh recvd

AR sj Accounts Receivable Sales Journal invoicem invoiced

JC wp Work in Process Journal jcjrnlm jcjrnld