20.1 Introduction

coreman20000000.gif There is a Vendor file for the vendor balance and vendor information, such as vendor name and address. The Accounts Payable Controlling Account in the General Ledger is specified for each vendor, so there may be any number of Accounts Payable Controlling Accounts.

coreman20000000.gif Accounts Payable uses a voucher system for the payables. Expenses are entered using a Voucher data entry screen. The voucher date specifies the month in which the expense is to be accrued, allowing future payables to be entered at any time. The vendor code entered is automatically checked against the Vendor file. The checking account to be used when the voucher is paid is specified, as is the voucher total and the due date.

coreman20000000.gif There are unlimited number of voucher distribution items. Each voucher distribution item may be charged against any of the other accounting subsystems, not just the General Ledger, so it is possible to add items to inventory, or to charge expenses directly to the job costing system from an Accounts Payable voucher.

coreman20000000.gif Vendor debits are entered using a separate screen. These debits are automatically applied to Accounts Payable vouchers when the vouchers are paid. These debits can be deferred to future months, if desired.

coreman20000000.gif There are reports for listing the vendor and voucher files. Vouchers can be listed by pay date, vendor or by voucher expense account. Reports also list the aged accounts payable balances.

The Accounting system is accessed through a series of cascading menus.

The Accounts Payable System is accessed through various menu options off the main menu bar, as described in section 20.2.