23.4.1 Adding a Voucher


The cursor moves to the first position of the first entry field: Date.

Enter data into each of the fields on the Enter Vouchers screen. Not all of the fields are required to be filled, but it is suggested that you fill out the voucher as completely as possible. This ensures that your voucher record system has all the information that you might need during future look ups or research.

The following fields require entry:








After the fields have been filled, press the STORE <F5> button. The lower half of the screen automatically appears for entry of the detail lines. The screen is in the ADD mode. Enter the data for the first detail line. When the data is entered press the STORE <F5> button. The next detail line appears for entry.

To refresh the screen for the next voucher entry press the NEXT <F7> button.

Note: Leaving the screen is only possible when the sum of the amounts in the detail lines equal the Voucher Total as was entered in the upper half of the Payable Voucher screen.