24.2 Vendor Debit Memo Screen



The date of the debit memo also represents the month in which debit memo is included for month end financial reports. A January date includes the transaction in all January financial reports.

Debit Memo

Each debit memo is catalogued with a unique code of identification within the Accounts Payables System. Once a debit memo code is used, no other debit memo or voucher within the accounts payable file system can use the same code. We suggest that a unique numeric sequence be used so there is no confusion with voucher numbers.


The vendor field is the unique identification code which was previously set up when you entered the vendor name and address in the vendor master file. The vendor master file may be accessed through the validation screen is associated with this field.

Vendor Name

The vendor's full name, from the vendor master file, is displayed after a valid vendor code is entered.


The vendor's current balance is displayed in this field after a valid vendor code is entered. The current balance includes all transactions entered to the vendor.

Reference Date

The reference date represents the date of the vendor's credit memo and is used for reference purposes only. This date does not have any significance for month end financial reporting. The reference date is printed on cash disbursement checks for easy application to the vendor's books.

Vendor Reference

The vendor reference represents the credit memo from the vendor. The vendor's reference is printed on cash disbursement checks for easy application to the vendor's books.

P.O. Number

Should your company have a purchase order system, you can reference each debit memo to the purchase order number. No entry is required.

Pay Date

All debit memos require a date when you expect to apply the debit against a voucher.


Enter the general ledger bank account normally used to pay this vendor. This information is needed to ensure that this debit memo is taken into account when the checks are being prepared to pay the vendor. The general ledger account entered here must have been previously entered in the general ledger master file. The general ledger master file may be examined through the validation screen associated with this field.

Debit Memo Total

The total amount of the debit memo.

Unused Balance

Debit memos can be applied in part or in full. If the total of the debit memos exceed the total of the vouchers to be paid, one or more of the debit memos may not be fully applied. The amount remaining to be applied for the queried debit memo is displayed here.