24.3 Debit Memo Distribution

The lower half of the debit memo screen appears as follows:



Each detail line of the debit memo begins with the name of the journal. Enter the journal code name, but remember that the journal code name and the account must be compatible. For example, when entering to the general ledger, Journal = gl, you must use a general ledger account. Should you be making an entry to the fixed asset ledger, Journal = fa, you must use a fixed asset code. For examples, refer to the sample entries in the Accounts Payable Vouchers chapter of this documentation. The following list shows the journal code, journal name and the appropriate entry to the Account/Job.Act/Product field for the most commonly used journals.

Journal Code Journal Name Account/Job. Act/Product

gl General Ledger general ledger account

in Inventory inventory product code

fa Fixed Asset fixed asset code

jc Job cost activity job activity code

Account, Job.Act, Product

The value entered into this field identifies a record within the journal specified in the Journal field and must be compatible with the journal code entered in the Journal field. Refer to the table above for the various Journal field Account,Job.Act,Product field combinations.


For inventory control you should enter the number of units for each detail line of the debit memo.


The sum of the amounts for all the detail lines must equal the total amount of the debit memo entered in the body of the debit memo. Trying to exit with an unbalanced debit memo produces a message telling the you that more or less is needed. Each detail line requires you to store the record before starting a new detail line.