28.2 Make Cash Disbursement List

The process to build the cash disbursements list begins when you select Data Entry, Cash Disbursements, Make Cash Disbursement List. The following parameter screen is displayed:


This date is the latest date for all vouchers that you wish to have paid. For example; if you enter the pay date as June 30, l983, then all vouchers not fully paid with a date of June 30, l983 or earlier are put on the cash disbursements list. The example below shows the date entered.

Make Cash Disbursement List

Enter latest pay date for vouchers to be paid 06/30/83

When you are satisfied with the date you have entered, press the STORE button <F5> and the process proceeds to create the disbursement list.

Making cash disbursement list

When the process has completed, press RETURN to return to the system menu.