28.4 Edit Cash Disbursement List



The general ledger account number for the bank account which you assigned when you originally entered the voucher.


The vendor code which was entered to the vendor master listing. This field can not be updated using this screen.


The full name of the vendor as recorded in the vendor master.


The current balance of the displayed vendor. This balance does not include the current payment about to be made.

Cash Disbursements Total

The full amount of the disbursement for the displayed vendor is displayed here. If you are paying multiple vouchers for a single vendor, the total of all the vouchers is displayed here. If you wish to change the total of the disbursement you must first change this total and then change the detail to match the cash disbursements total.


Each detail line or voucher line begins with the name of the journal from which the detail line was entered. Vouchers come from the purchases journal and are displayed with a code of pj, the code for purchases journal.

If a discount is taken, there is a detail line for the discounted amount. The entry in the Journal field is gl: the general ledger code. The general ledger account used for discounts taken is displayed in the Account field, and the discounted amount is in the Amount field.


The account field displays the voucher number being paid. You'll remember that you assigned each voucher with a unique code of identification when you originally entered the voucher.


The full amount of each voucher is displayed here. If you want to change the amount being paid for any individual voucher this is the place to do it. Remember, the detail total must equal the total in the upper part of this split screen. Access to the next vendor or another screen is impossible until the disbursement list balances between the upper part of the screen and the lower or detail part of the screen.