40.3.1 Adding a Customer Record


Fill in the fields with the required data. You may TAB to the.beginning of each field for data entry. Please note: If the data in any.field completely fills the field the cursor moves to the first position of the next field automatically.

When the desired fields are filled, press the STORE button. You can now add another record, or you can press the EXIT <F8> button to return to the system menu.

Data entry is required for the Customer and Controlling Account fields. However, it is suggested that you fill in all the fields so that an informative record system is included in your file system.

You can change your mind while you are in the ADD mode and cancel the addition you are making. Press the CANCEL button (GOLD <F1> key then press the X key). All the fields are cleared, and you are no longer in the ADD mode. From here you can either re-enter the ADD mode, QUERY and FIND another customer, or exit to the system menu. Remember that when you press the CANCEL button, the GOLD <F1> key and the X key, the data on the screen is not stored in the file. Once the STORE <F5> button is pressed, the data on the screen is stored in the customer file and can be removed only by FINDing the customer and then deleting it. Refer the section in this chapter for instructions on deleting a customer.