42.3.2 Updating a Credit Memo

If a detail line needs to be changed, display the top part of the credit memo on the screen. Then press the NEXT <F7> button to display the detail form. QUERY and FIND the appropriate detail line. Press the UPDATE button <F4> to make the changes. Press the STORE button <F5> to store the record.

If changes are made to either the customer or detail parts of the credit memo, you must go on to the trailer screen. This is done by pressing the NEXT <F7> button with the detail part of the screen displayed.

Once the trailer screen is displayed, if you are changing or adding to an credit memo, press the UPDATE button <F4> and then the STORE <F5> button to allow the system to calculate the new taxes and record the new total. If desired, you could also make other changes to the tax information while in UPDATE mode.